About Us

“It’s almost as if you are holding the word KING in your hand!”

That is how it started. I came to Las Vegas to open a second chess store with dear friends, Paul and Kelli. We sold all kinds of chess sets, but we focused on themes chess sets. King Arthur, Civil War, even Poseidon. Differentiating which piece was easy with those sets. Not so much with endangered species set. So the ocelot is the bishop?

I was getting frustrated hearing every day at the store, “these sets look pretty cool, but I would spend more time figuring out which piece was which instead of my next move.”

After a long discussion, and many Long Island Iced Teas, for fun, we came upon the idea of making our own.

Paul:” We could glue computer chips into the shape of a horse.”

Many Long Island Iced Teas.

That’s when I said it. I can still recall myself holding the salt shaker, frozen by that phrase. That was fifteen short years ago. I hope you enjoy what I have here.