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Just Make One

I stalled. I ran into challenges and instead of meeting them head on, I stalled. I thought the problems were too big to tackle. They weren’t. I just didn’t want to think about them. I was tired. I started facing issues on so many fronts,personal and professional, that I just decided to stop the largest […]


Yeah I can see it

Make Just One. That has been my mantra for the last few months. I have been bootstrapping this endeavor, paycheck by paycheck and I am ever so close. I have ordered the prototype storage box, with laser etching. Spray painting the pieces was not the answer. The set , as always must be easily playable and […]


This is a test

Something is very wrong with the website. Specifically I can’t make any changes to the website. I get Error 404 – Page not found! every time I try to save a change. No error message is good yet that is a particularly bad message. I am getting frustrated. I went onto Shapeways to check on progress […]


and then there was silence…

We are getting closer to launching our first product, A Call To Arms and I realized that if when we achieve great success, I am going to need some more pewter. A lot. 14,000 lbs to be precise. RotoMetals is one of the companies I am working with to get schaeffergames going. I thought I […]


the countdown begins

“That looks great Dad!” Ben thought it was way cool, and then went back to Pokemon. His smile was almost as big as mine. The Bishop was still hot, even fifteen minutes later. I had the materials to mold the first piece for almost a month but I was scared to pull the trigger. If […]

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We have no money to do that!

Constraint promotes creativity would probably be a better way to phrase that. Someone asked me once if I had any advice for them when starting a business. I wasn’t sure what to say since this has barely lifted off the ground for me. I love to read business cases and business magazines. Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur […]


Made in the USA

Do you know how much cheaper it is if you go to China? I have heard that more times than I care to remember. Let me tell the truth, it would be. Most likely. Perhaps.You can’t make everything for a dime which is what everyone thinks but it is certainly cheaper. But there is a […]